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Turtle Top Cigar Humidor Cigar Humidor #28—Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I really enjoyed making humidor #28. All of the wood used in it's construction (except for the Spanish cedar) I cut from my wood lot out back. The design is one that I have been working on for a couple of years now and I feel that it is pretty much where it should be. The hump has the right radius and feels good to the stroke, the lines are traditional but not too much so, the color is pleasing in an off neutral sort of way. It's a good piece.

I had a fella stay with me who managed a theater up in New Jersey and he was going to have Bill Cosby perform there come February '98. This was last summer. Well, he was watching me put this humidor together and saw some of the other pieces that I made and decided that it would be a clever idea to have this humidor filled with Cuban cigars (which Bill loves) sitting in his dressing room when he comes to the theater. I didn't feel it was too shabby an idea myself considering that I have never known a professional artist who would pass up an opportunity to get his work noticed by some superstar. So, when humidor #28 was finished I shipped it off to New Jersey in time for Bill Cosby's show. A few days later I got e-mail from the theater manager telling me that Bill loved the humidor, stroked it, smoked Cuban cigars out of it, exclaimed how wonderful he thought it was and yet didn't buy it.

I just wonder if my fifteen minutes of fame in this life are going to be that Bill Cosby liked humidor #28.

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