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This Turtle Top Cigar Humidor was completed in January of 1998. It is made out of northern white pine, red maple, Spanish cedar and eastern white cedar and finished in lacquer rubbed with pumice stone and rotten stone. It is an absolutely beautiful piece which must be seen—and touched—to be fully appreciated. This cigar humidor is a true collector's item.

Humidity is created from water in a three cup glass reservoir located in a recess beneath the bottom. This system works extremely well. There is a thermometer and a hygrometer so one can monitor the temperature and humidity within the humidor. The interior bottom section has movable dividers to separate various cigars if desired and the top section has a divided tray with a covered till in which cigar cutters and matches may be stored.

This is a stunning work of art. There is also an excellent unconditional lifetime guarantee on this humidor. Yes, lifetime. Period. The guarantee even covers refinishing in a few years if the humidor starts to look a little worn from constant use and enjoyment.

Instructions for use and care of the humidor are included along with telephone numbers of persons to call should there be any questions or problems concerning this unique piece. Please contact Jerry Haggerty if you you would be interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind, handcrafted humidor.

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